House renovation: December 2021

Starting today, we are the owners of a "fixer-upper" house in nice area of South Dublin.

The plan is to renovate it to our liking and turn it into our "forever home". There's a lot of work but we are excited.

Currently we live in an apartment, not too far from Dublin city center. It's a small two-bedroom place. We like it, however it's just too small.

Why a fixer-upper?

  1. Competition for houses in good condition was just too high. There's a lot of people who (like me) sold their RSUs at crazy COVID prices, and (like us) didn't fancy being stuck in apartments during COVID.

  2. We could not find a house in good condition that we really liked. There was always something wrong - layout, not insulated enough, extension roof right in front of bedroom window, no driveway, etc. So we'd end up re-doing a lot even in a house in good condition.

So here we are.